Champagne producers over générations…

After the second global war, in the 50's, Marcel MENU started to plant the first vines.

In 1953, his daughter, Bernadette MENU gets married with Lucien CHARTON from Méry-Prémecy, then they take care of a part of the partenal vineyard in Vrigny.

Later, they plant on Mery-Prémecy's soil the first plants of vine in the village. Throughout the years, the estate grows and takes care of 5 hectares of vineyard, the couple was selling 20 000 bottles with its own brand CHAMPAGNE CHARTON-MENU.

Their son, Raynald, was always working with them in the vine growing. In 1976, he decides to continue his parents' activity accompanied by his wife, Sylvie. All together, they created CHAMPAGNE CHARTON- GUILLAUME brand and sold 40 000 bottles per year.

The future of the estate is well prepared because their children Anne-Laure and Bertrand are working on to bring a complementary vision on the commercial part and the vine growing part.

Our vineyard, our passion…

Our estate takes care of 6 hectares of vineyard divided into 2 different villages: Mery-Prémecy and Vrigny, planted with 80% of Pinot Meunier grapes, 10% of Pinot Noir and 10% of Chardonnay.

We place sustainable wine growing in the earth of our preoccupation, in order to respect nature as much we can and also people working on the vineyard.

Our reward, your fidelity…

We are delighted to welcome you at our estate to share with you our know-how and to make you discover our champagnes, our vineyard and our cellars.

  • Cuvée Brut


    80% Meunier
    12% Chardonnay
    8% Pinot Noir

    Traditional Brut is a blend of wines of the year and previous years, called reserve wines which bring maturity in the blending.

    This bottle is available in half-bottle (37.5cl), bottle (75cl), magnum (150cl), jeroboam (300cl).

    Demi-sec has the same blend, but liquor is added in order to make a sweeter Champagne than the Traditional Brut .

  • Cuvée Rosé

    CUVÉE Rosé

    65 % Pinot Meunier
    12 % Chardonnay
    8 % Pinot Noir
    15 % Rouge Meunier

    Rosé is a blend of Champagne and red wine from our Pinot Meunier grapes.

  • Grande Réserve

    CUVÉE Grande Réserve

    50 % Meunier
    25 % Chardonnay
    25 % Chardonnay

    Grande-Réserve expresses the lightness and the freshness of Chardonnay grapes (50%), but also the fruitiness of Pinot Meunier grapes (50%).

  • Cuvée vieilles vignes

    CUVÉE Vieilles Vignes

    100 % Meunier

    Vieilles Vignes (« old-vines ») is composed by grapes from vines aged of more than 30 years. It is a mono varietal wine.

  • Cuvée Blanc de Blancs


    100% Chardonnay

    This cuvée is made only from Chardonnay grapes which bring citrus aromas on the nose, and last pastries notes on the mouth.

    Chardonnay lovers will enjoy this refined cuvée.

    To pair with oysters and lobsters.

  • Cuvée Millésime

    CUVÉE Millésime 2011

    20 % Meunier
    40 % Chardonnay
    40 % Pinot Noir

    Vintage 2011 is made of a rigorous selection of wines of the year. We decide to make a Vintage Champagne when the harvest is exceptional, and we keep the wine in our cellar during minimum 3 years to develop beautiful aromas.

  • Cuvée perle de jour

    CUVÉE Perle de Jour

    Champagne CHARTON-GUILLAUME is proud to present its new Cuvée Prestige PERLE DE JOUR…
    Made only with Pinot Meunier grapes, this monocépage cuvee is a unique and pure Blanc de Noirs.

    PERLE DE JOUR is a Brut Nature cuvée without sugar added.
    Precisely selected, grapes from harvest 2010 and 2011 bring to this Cuvée fruit in syrup and pastries aromas.
    You will be charmed by its elegant packaging…

    Dare to pair this Blanc de Noirs with a salad of endives and French Comté cheese, or a white grilled fish.
    (Available from the 15 november 2015 in limited quantities)

    Commentary of "Guide Véron" 2017

  • Ratafia de Champagne

    Ratafia de Champagne

    Ratafia de Champagne Sélection is a fine, harmonious union of grape musts, old Marc de Champagne and wine eaux-de-vie aged in oak barrels. On the nose it reveals aromas of prunes and gingerbread , whilst on the palate warm tones of honey and candied fruits emerge. It is ideal as an aperitif, where it elegantly pairs with the finest of dishes.

    Did you know ? Ratafia is to Champagne what Pineau is to Charentes, Pommeau to Normandy, Macvin to Jura and Floc to Gascony.


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Brut Traditionbottle
Demi-Sec Traditionbottle
Grande Réservebottle
Vieilles Vignesbottle
Blanc de BlancsLa bouteille
Millésime 2011bottle
Cuvée Berger Allemandbottle
Cuvée Berger Allemand 3 bottles
Cuvée Berger Allemand 6 bottles
Perle de Jourbottle

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St Vincent

Every year on 22 January, Winegrowers and Champagne Houses join together to celebrate the feast of St Vincent: a day of thanksgiving for the previous year’s harvest, when winegrowers in villages throughout Champagne commit their endeavours in the coming year to the patronage of St Vincent.

2017 harvest

The 2017 harvest ended on Monday 11 September, after 10 days of grape cuttings.
Despite all our precautions, the gray rot was very present on certain plots because of the heavy rains and the high temperatures of the month of August. So we had to carefully sort each cluster, to keep only the grapes healthy and qualitative. Rendez-vous in a few months to appreciate the quality of future wines ...

  • 5 et 6 mai 2018 : Salons des Vins de Givonne (08)
  • 12 et 13 mai 2018 : Portes Ouvertes chez Armand et Richard CHATELET à Villié-Morgon (69)
  • 2 et 3 juin 2018 : Championnat de France SCC au Bourget (93)

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